Mayorkun – Lowkey!

Mayorkun Lowkey

Nigerian singer-songwriter Mayorkun has once again graced the music scene with the unveiling of his latest musical offering, a brand new single entitled, Lowkey. The captivating song, which is produced by the skilled beatmaker Larry Lanes, marks Mayorkun’s second musical offering in 2023, following closely on the heels of his previously released track, For Daddy.

Within the lyrical depths of the track, Lowkey, Mayorkun delves into a thought-provoking exploration of his personal experiences in relationships. Through lyrics that eloquently express sentiments like “lowkey, I be steady taking sh*t from people that don’t deserve me,” Mayorkun candidly underscores the challenges and complexities of relationships that have not proven to be beneficial to his well-being.

Sonically, Lowkey is an auditory piece, demonstrating a beautiful and harmonious arrangement that serves as the canvas for Mayorkun’s extraordinary vocal abilities. Larry Lanes’ meticulous craftsmanship shines through as he creates a melodious backdrop that perfectly complements Mayorkun’s soulful and captivating voice, further enhancing the overall musical experience for the listeners.

Listen Below:

Mayorkun – Lowkey!

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