Mariah The Scientist – From A Woman

mariah the scientist from a woman

Mariah The Scientist is currently dating none other than Young Thug. Overall, this romance probably hasn’t been all that easy to maintain when you consider how Thugger is unfortunately in jail. He awaiting trial in the YSL RICO case, and fans are waiting to see how this all unfolds. Many are hoping for his release as they want to hear from him. However, Mariah has been able to give us some updates on the artist. For instance, she noted how Thugger likes to play Candy Crush in jail.

Yesterday, it was revealed that she would be dropping a track called “From A Woman.” Well, just hours later, Young Thug revealed he would be coming out with “From A Man.” Needless to say, these two tracks are seen as companion pieces to one another. We already reported on Thug’s track, and now, it is time Mariah The Scientist’s effort to get some shine.

Mariah The Scientist is known for her incredible voice, and that is certainly showcased here. Moreover, we get some soft production that perfectly fits her vocal style. Young Thug’s track was much more rap-oriented, so it makes sense that Mariah The Scientist gives us something different, yet complementary. Either way, if you’re a fan of the artist, you will appreciate this one.

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