Majid Jordan – Waiting For You ft. Naomi Sharon

majid jordan waiting for you

Toronto’s own R&B heaven-sent duo of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman are back with a new single for 2023. In fact, this is their first solo release since 2021, when they released their last full-length studio effort, Wildest Dreams. That project featured some heavy hitters such as Swae Lee, Drake, and Diddy. Majid Jordan had some wonderful and whimsical tracks such as “Waves of Blue,” “Summer Rain,” and “Stars Align” with their label head, Drake. Unfortunately, the duo has remained fairly dormant.

We say fairly because there have been some songs remixed featuring the two Canadians in the past year or so. But, no solo material in over two years. But, now they are finally making a little return to the R&B space with this just-dropped track called, “Waiting For You.” They are not alone on this cut, however, as Naomi Sharon makes an appearance here as well.

We also get a music video for this song and the visuals definitely have a throwback vibe to them. The video is grainy and the soft fadeaways in between Sharon and Jordan give it a nostalgic feeling. “Waiting For You” itself is a stunning track, as expected. The vocals bleed so well into each other from Sharon and Maskati and the production from Ullman is sensual and sweet. It is about willing to wait for someone you really care about no matter the cost. Like the message of the song, we are always willing to wait on Jordan for new music.


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