Majid Jordan – Hands Tied

majid jordan hands tied

Canada’s alternative R&B outfit, Majid Jordan, has plenty of news to share with their fans. Just a few hours ago, singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman, announced an album, a new single, and an upcoming tour. This has lots of their fans excited, especially after a couple of years of meticulous planning. We covered the singer-producer duo’s latest track, “Waiting For You” with Naomi Sharon, just a short time ago. That song was a stunning ballad and all three artists sounded beautifully together.

Now, Jordan is upping the ante with this brand-new single, “Hands Tied.” This is a solo cut and is over five minutes long. But, if there is one thing to know about them, Majid Jordan knows how to make it a blissful experience. That is what this track is all about and it delivers. They shared the meaning behind the song on their Instagram, saying, “This is a story about how, in traditional environments, love is a way of connecting. It depicts a young couple who’s hands are tied but they are deeply in love and taking risks to be together.”

They continue, “In private, they reveal more about themselves than they have ever revealed to anyone else in society. The man is happy that he found someone so peaceful and the woman is happy she found someone that makes her feel safe enough to be herself.” On top of this, this and “Waiting For You” will appear on their next album, Good People. The title was confirmed by Rated R&B, however, there is no release date yet. The website and the duo also made it official that they will be going on tour starting in late November and ending in the middle of December.


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