Majid Jordan – Been Through

Majid Jordan Been Through
Majid Jordan Been Through

Following the success of their April release “Waves of Blue,” Majid Jordan returns with another single. The OVO Sound R&B duo are said to be working on an album that’s slated for release sometime this year, but for now, they’re keeping details regarding that project close to the chest. On Friday (June 18), they delivered “Been Through That,” a track that they say is “perfect to dance to in warm weather and sunshine.”

“We made it so that we could bring people back together as the world opens up after the pandemic. People have been through so much over these two years and we wanted to give them something to sing along to together,” the pair shared in a joint statement.

“Although it sounds like we’re addressing someone in the verse the truth is we have been both the speaker and listener in all the situations that the song talks about,” they continued. “We have been through that, overstretched ourselves, gotten burnt out, acted for the wrong reasons, but we eventually found our feet and now we’re dancing our way out of it.”

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