Macklemore – For No Bad Days (Remix) ft. Armani White

Macklemore For No Bad Days Remix ft. Armani White

Macklemore is someone who has had a ton of longevity in the game. When “Thrift Shop” dropped back in 2012, it immediately became a massive hit. Subsequently, the artist became a sensation whose life changed overnight. However, this came with quite a few issues. For instance, he ended up winning the Grammy for best hip-hop album back in 2014. In the eyes of many, this is an award that should have gone to Kendrick Lamar. Moreover, his decision to text Kendrick came with scrutiny.

Since that time, Macklemore has continued to make music and continues to demonstrate growth in his craft. In fact, he is doing a lot outside of music as well. He has done collaborations with Jordan Brand, and he even has a minority stake in the Seattle Kraken. Simply put, life is good for him right now. A few months ago, he dropped a new album called Ben, and fans have been digging it. Now, he is back with a remix for the song “No Bad Days.” The remix features rising star Armani White.

For those who may not know, Armani White is responsible for the song “Billie Eilish” which became a huge hit on TikTok. The song “No Bad Days” is certainly meant for pop radio. With its sugary sweet chorus from Collett, this song is meant to be about good vibes. Subsequently, the addition of Armani White works to perfection. He gives off a great verse that matches what’s happening in the song. Not to mention, his chemistry with Macklemore is tangible.


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