M.I.A. – Beep

M.I.A. Beep

’s excitement for her sixth studio album is incredibly evident, especially after she threatened to leak the project herself if it wasn’t on streamers before September ended.

Seeing as October has officially begun and MATA still hasn’t arrived, it’s clear that the English rapper didn’t get her wish, though she did announce that the record will land on October 14th while delivering her third single so far, “Beep.”

The upbeat, rhythmic track is all about using your voice to make sure that you’re heard while staying true to yourself. It follows the arrival of previous songs like “Popular” and “The One” earlier this year.

“Next gen transcend women and men / Bring a noise, make it count, yeah do it again / Never stop, never give up, don’t pretend / Tell a friend all the rules you’re gonna bend,” rhymes on one of her verses.

While we didn’t hear from any collaborators on the singles, the 47-year-old previously hinted that she worked with the likes of and on her upcoming LP.

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