Lyrica Anderson – Act A Fool (Remix) ft Tory Lanez

Lyrica Anderson Act A Fool Remix ft Tory Lanez
Lyrica Anderson Act A Fool Remix ft Tory Lanez

Lyrica Anderson has long been a staple of the R&B scene since she popped up in the early 2010s, though she continues to thrive with every release. Now, she’s enlisting the help of Tory Lanez for “Act A Fool (Remix).” The original “Act A Fool” stands on its own as an elegant and impressive slow jam, full of atmospheric production and Anderson’s impressive vocal range. However, with the help of Tory Lanez, the duo might have an intimate and romantic classic on their hands.

Anderson’s vocal ability itself is enough to fall in love with the track. The R&B veteran needs no help from the production to fill out empty spaces as she riffs across the track with grace and shows off the infinite limits of her vocal range. Her almost eager tone fits well with the lyrics, which finds Anderson holding herself out for a lover who she hopes is doing the same.

Lanez only serves to complement Anderson’s verse and chorus with his own versatile performance. It’s always a nice surprise when Lanez substitutes his hard-hitting rapping ability for the more soft and high-pitched singing talent he so easily pulls off. He begins his verse following the lead of Anderson, though shocks as he tunes into a compelling half-singing and half-rapping passage. Oftentimes, it’s hard to decide whether to cry or start head-banging.

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