Logic – See You Space Cowboy

Logic See You Space Cowboy
Logic See You Space Cowboy

Every so often, an artist needs to snap over a hard-hitting instrumental, if only to remind the masses that they still have it. For Logic, that occasion arose on “See You Space Cowboy,” a highlight from his experimental new album Bobby Tarantino III.

Marking his first big drop since his retirement, well, last year, Logic generally opted for a more laid-back and melodic approach — at least on the majority of the non-“Vaccine” singles. As such, there’s something immediately refreshing about “Space Cowboy,” and Logic wastes little time in putting on a flow clinic. Opting for a rapid-fire approach, Logic reflects on snapshots of his past as re-examined through the lens of financial and familial success. And that’s only in the first half — for the second, Bobby switches gears over a smooth instrumental, closing things out with a message to his loyal fans.

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