Logic – Live From The Country

Logic Live From The Country
Logic Live From The Country

After all, Bobby T has plenty of things to keep him busy. He’s a family man, a best-selling author, and even an occasional video game voice streamer. Yet as has been the case with many emcees before him, the call of the studio proved to be overpowering beyond the point of resistance. Before long, Logic was back in the booth spitting bars like he never left.

With an album presumably in the works — lest we forget that he only recently dropped off “Intro,” — Logic has come through with a freewheeling jam session titled “Live From The Country.” Brought to life by Bobby and his band of like-minded creative pals, Logic wastes little time in getting back to basics with his signature flow. “I’ve picked up the mic and serenaded the hotties,” he spits, over a lush blend of live instrumentation. “I drove the Impalas with cats that’s had bodies / I hit the studio, you know I left the track bodied / I do this shit right here for my, myself and nobody.


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