Logic – Decades

Logic Decades

It doesn’t look as if Def Jam heard Logic’s cry. Today (April 22), the rapper returned with two new singles, “Decades” and “Tetris,” but ahead of their releases, shared a video on Instagram where he issued a complaint to his label. From the sound of things, it seemed as if wanted these tracks to be released as a two-pack but instead, Def Jam chose for them to come out as two singles on the same day.

“What kinda sh*t is that? On top of that, they tellin’ me, ‘Oh, don’t drop your music video early ’cause if you do, you might upset our partners who feel like YouTube’s getting an exclusive,'” he said in the video. “I care about Hip Hop, I care about music. And I’mma be honest, years ago, I was playing that game. Don’t do this, release this on this sh*t, all for the bread and the money tryin’ to be f*ckin’ extra, and I don’t give a f*ck about none of that, man. I have my baby, I have my wife, I am blessed, bro. I made it!”

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