Lizzo Shouts Out Drake While Covering Erykah Badu’s ‘Tyrone’

Lizzo Drake

is once again shooting her shot with Drake.

While performing for American Express’ “UNSTAGED” concert series in Miami on Saturday, the singer covered ’s “Tyrone,” switching up the lyrics to give a shoutout to and Chris Evans.

“Maybe I should call Chris Evans / So Captain America can put another bun up in my oven,” she sang, addressing rumors that she was pregnant with the actor’s baby.

She then gave a shout-out to another one of her crushes, Drake, with some explicit lyrics. “Or maybe I should call back Drake? So he can cry in the pussy, dive in the pussy,” she sang.

reached out to after hearing the racy lyric, but she remained coy about what exactly he said.

“Actually, I have heard from Drake. But that’s all I’m gonna say on that,” she told Jimmy Kimmel.

During her first full show since the pandemic, also performed hits including “Good As Hell,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Cuz I Love You,” as well as a cover of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.”

“This has been one of the craziest years I’ve ever witnessed, and to be present in my body right now and to be able to do this for you right now is a blessing and I’m so grateful,” she said, according to Rolling Stone.

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