Lizzo – Rumors ft. Cardi B

Lizzo Rumors ft. Cardi B
Lizzo Rumors ft. Cardi B

She gave fans a sneak preview of her new single by stripping down on social media, and now Lizzo’s “Rumors” has arrived. The singer has been on a monumental rise over the last two years and she hasn’t given fans a solo effort in some time. Many believed that “Rumors” would find Lizzo performing alone, but she revealed that New York rapper Cardi B would join in on the fun.

“Rumors” directly addressed the speculation that the ladies are regularly tacked with including gossip about their personal and professional lives. The friends take aim at the naysayers and trolls who often find themselves in both Lizzo and Cardi’s mentions, but they seem too comfortable enjoying the successes of their labor than to give energy to critics.

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