Lil Yachty – Lotus Flower Bomb

lil yachty lotus flower bomb

Lil Yachty has definitely been one of the MVPs of hip-hop for 2023. Overall, his reign started when he came through with Let’s Start Here back in February. He has since followed this up with a plethora of fantastic singles. Furthermore, he has been working with Drake a whole lot. He helped shape the sound of For All The Dogs. Moreover, he was on the track “Another Late Night,” which certainly helped ingratiate him with fans. He is having an amazing year, and people are taking notice.

With Yachty having such an amazing moment, fans have been curious about what he will end up doing next. As it turns out, a new single was on his to-do list. It feels like he has been dropping something new every week. That is not far off as on Friday, he gave us “Lotus Flower Bomb.” This track has production from Cash Cobain, which is certainly a nice touch. Overall, it is another lowkey psychedelic track that furthers Yachty’s new artistic direction.

Throughout the song, we get some gorgeous production from Cash Cobain, who was really in his bag here. As for Yachty, he mostly gives us sung flows that match the production perfectly. Previously, we noted that the track is a bit more lowkey. However, in this instance, it just works. If you have enjoyed the last few Yachty singles, you will probably enjoy this one as well.

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