Lil Wayne – Kat Food

Lil Wayne Kat Food

Lil Wayne is easily one of the biggest legends in the hip-hop world. Overall, if you were to ask people who their favorite MC is, more often than not, they would say it is Wayne. He remains in a lot of people’s top 10s, and that probably will not change anytime soon. However, it has been a while since we’ve gotten a new album or even a song from him. Sure, he dropped the new Undisputed theme song, although that hardly counts.

Thankfully, it was revealed earlier this week that Wayne would be coming through with a brand-new song called “Kat Food.” Given the name of the track, fans were very curious as to what we would be getting here. Over the course of his career, Wayne has given a plethora of different flows, production choices, and overall sounds. That said, every new Wayne single always seems to give us something special. Below, you can listen to what Wayne has been cooking up. Needless to say, it’s yet another example of the artist trying to evolve.

With this track, there is some interesting production that feels a bit off-kilter at the beginning. However, the track eventually evolves into something bouncier, which allows Wayne’s flow to settle down. The artist gives us plenty of cat metaphors throughout the track, and his lyricism is on point, once again. If you have always loved Wayne, then this track will definitely be for you. Although, some may not love this new direction.


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