Lil Uzi Vert – Red Moon

lil uzi vert red moon

Philly’s eclectic artist Lil Uzi Vert is ramping up the Luv Is Rage 3 rollout once again. Rumblings around the third installment of Uzi’s coveted series began with the initial YouTube release of “NFL” or “Never Fall in Luv back in late September. They have been riding out the rest of 2023 mainly on the release of Pink Tape. However, for a considerable amount of people, that project has fallen out of rotation for some of its big missteps.

With “Red Moon” though, this might be the one to get some people back in their camp moving forward. We covered the news of it dropping out of nowhere on Christmas (if you celebrate) on YouTube. It seems listeners are going crazy for it so far, as it is number 11 on trending for music. The view count is steadily climbing and within its first 18 hours, the video sits at over 650,000 views.

Uzi is known to mix feelings of glee and sadness in their music and “Red Moon” is no different. The beat from a stacked list that includes TM88 and FNZ is progressive and dreamy. Uzi is rapping and singing about relationships that have been tearing them down. At the end of the video, they leave some thought-provoking messages. “If someone can be away from you, let them be. Its better to be alone than losing yourself for approval. Love isn’t real, but with my imagination, I can make anything real. LIR3.” The last bit means that this is most likely to find its way to Uzi’s rumored last album.


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