Lil Uzi Vert Performs “Just Wanna Rock” And New Song At 2023 BET Awards

lil uzi vert rock bet

Sunday (June 25) evening marked the 2023 BET Awards, a night of celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop. The show started with a remarkable performance from Lil Uzi Vert, followed by various other artists. Dazzling the crowd, the Philadelphia native took the stage with their hit “Just Wanna Rock” as an army of dancers echoed Jersey Club beats, underscoring rap’s incorporation of various dance subgenres.

Despite a lack of nominations this year, Uzi seized the spotlight and tantalized the audience with a hint of their upcoming album, The Pink Tape. They surprised the crowd by previewing an unreleased track right before transitioning into the high-octane performance of the 2022 single, which was certified Platinum by RIAA in March.

“That h** woke up a dub, she need her makeup. I got a lean cup, got ice to the brim, it’s crushed. F**king on these, s**ts, I got a nice wife. I’m fucking the dogs**t out of this b**ch, her wig came off twice. She had a lil’ fro, she look like Ice Spice,” they rapped on the unheard song.

The BET stage came alive as Uzi kicked off the ceremony. Subsequently, the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles pulsated with shimmering purple and red hues. In sync with the rhythm, background dancers joined Uzi with their movements mirroring the music video’s choreography.

In an Instagram Live with Kai Cenat earlier this month, Uzi revealed that The Pink Tape was complete with 24 confirmed tracks. Their fans can also look forward to two bonus tracks that the rapper stated, “A lot of people love but didn’t really get to hear.”

The “Money Longer” artist opened up about their creative journey in March during a conversation with TMZ. They shared how their recording ambitions benefited from sobriety. “I thought that my creative process wasn’t going to be the same because I wasn’t on drugs no more… Even better. I could think more clearly,” they said. “I didn’t just make random music… Just play off the beats. I actually made songs with topics this time.”

Rumors of The Pink Tape initially surfaced in a since-deleted tweet from the musician in July 2021. As they eagerly await the LP, Lil Uzi Vert’s fans have the chance to appreciate their EP Red & White, released in July 2022.

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