Lil Nas X Responds To Recent Criticism After Announcing His “Christian Era”

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Early Saturday (Dec. 2) morning, Lil Nas X clapped back at naysayers who believe the “Old Town Road” rapper should not be making Christian music after featuring Satan in his previous work. These tweets come on the heels of prominent figures, including Tyrese, commenting on the Atlanta artist’s first snippet from his “Christian Era.”

The rapper tweeted, “I hate how the world successfully changed the narrative of the [MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)] name video. You all hate that I symbolically took ownership of the very place y’all condemned gay people to, so you’ve flipped the script and convinced everyone that it’s about me ‘mocking god’” in response to a now deleted post highlighting critiques of the Cardi B-collaborator’s forthcoming track.

Famous actor and R&B singer Tyrese said, “Y’all gon’ learn to stop playing with God… God is not to be played with… From shoes with devil signs and devil’s blood in the [shoe] sole?” he wrote. “We can all change, I get it, but I feel a way about people making a mockery about Jesus. Do you, live your life… Do what makes you happy, but you all better stop playing with Jesus out here.”

Nas X later responded to Tyrese and mentioned he was overreacting. “This really crazy cuz all I did was post a song about asking god for hope when you feel hopeless, and y’all acting like I posted a video of me burning a church down and peeing on a nativity scene.”

In the new song, Nas X sings, “Free me from worry and wanting pity / Free me from all this envy in me / I don’t want these feelings / I don’t want these feelings / I call on angels / Im trying hard to face my pain, yeah / Give me hope when I feel / Give me hope when I feel less.”

There’s no set time for the upcoming song’s release, but the controversial content creator has already caused quite the discourse with the 75-second snippet.

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