Lil Mabu & Lil Baby – UNDERDOG SONG

lil mabu lil baby

Lil Mabu is not taken all that seriously in the hip-hop community. Some feel he is just leeching off the culture of the genre to gain fame and attention. Others think he is simply a troll who knows how to capitalize on trends on the internet. Then, there are people who believe he just is not talented in the slightest. Overall, the New York native gets hate, hate, and then some hate on the regular. But with “UNDERDOG SONG,” Lil Mabu welcomes the negativity, as does Lil Baby.

This track appears on the Manhattan native’s newest record YOUNG GENIUS, which is funny nod to how Mabu operates online. Furthermore, this is the first time him and Lil Baby have worked together. Overall, it is a pretty lackluster song. The auto-tuned vocals from Mabu do not sound that pleasing to the ear and Baby’s contributions are pretty by the numbers.

Mabu does flash his ability to rap fast with solid breath control in the second half of the track. The beat is not bad either with hard-hitting kick drums. However, the reason people are being drawn to this track is the speculation surrounding Lil Baby’s bars. Fans believe he was sneak dissing Gunna again when he said, “”How you switch up on the bros? I can’t f*** with those (Not at all) / N****s act like they won’t fold, knowing that they told (How you switch up?).”


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