Lil Dicky – Mr. McAdams

Lil Dicky Mr. McAdams

It was during late June of 2023 that Lil Dicky provided his fans with a massive update on his music career. Of course, the Pennsylvania native has been very busy with his hit television show on FX, Dave. It basically describes his life and how he wants to become one of the most successful rappers of all time. Because of the music industry elements, there are going to be some songs woven into the show.

However, Lil Dicky feels that the material is good enough to release as a full project’s worth. “It’s a really strong body of work that I’m super proud of. I was surprised when I took a step back and looked at the inventory of stuff that [has] made it into the show — ‘Oh, my God, there’s like a great album here of work that can live on its own.'” That is slowly becoming a reality because the soundtrack for Dave is on its way. It is going to be called Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack) and will be out on January 19.

The lead single is out now for it is called “Mr. McAdams.” The music video includes scenes from some episodes of the show in which Rachel McAdams makes some guest appearances. Over time they develop some feelings for each other, hence the name of the song. The lyrics make quirky references to The Notebook in classic Lil Dicky fashion. Brad Pitt also makes a funny cameo in the video when he raps, “Maybe I’m your Brad Pitt / F*** Brad Pitt, don’t think about him.” This soundtrack will be Dicky’s first album in eight years.

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