Lil Baby Responds To Young Thug’s Father Saying “He Doesn’t Know What’s Going On”

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Lil Baby responded to remarks made by Young Thug’s father, Jeffrey Williams Sr., concerning his alleged diss to Gunna.

In a now-deleted comment on an Instagram post discussing Williams Sr.’s criticism, Baby wrote: “IYKYK” (short for “if you know, you know”). The indirect response sparked a range of reactions from followers, with some urging for a more detailed explanation and others defending his approach.

Earlier this week, Williams Sr. addressed the ongoing YSL RICO trial involving his son, Young Thug. In an interview with legal affairs journalist Infamous Sylvia, he expressed his frustration with Baby’s “350” lyrics, perceived as criticism of Gunna following his Alford plea deal in the case.

“He needs to shut the f**k up because he doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s going off what he heard,” the “Digits” musician’s father stated. “Ask Lil Baby have he ever come to a court date. See, that’s what I want y’all to ask these godd**mn rappers and bloggers with this whole ‘snitch’ s**t.”

Gunna’s plea and subsequent release from jail have been contentious topics in Hip Hop. Several artists, including Lil Durk and Boosie Badazz, openly criticized the rapper by labeling him a snitch.

In a conversation with DJ Akademiks, the Chicago native shared disdain for those who don’t maintain silence in legal matters. He explained, “That man told. You should’ve went in there and kept your mouth closed… If you a rat, you a rat.” Meanwhile, Boosie pointed out the leniency of Gunna’s charge.

In contrast, Williams Sr. previously showed support for the “fukumean” hitmaker, assuring that he hasn’t negatively impacted the YSL case. “I love Gunna. Gunna hasn’t done anything whatsoever that can hurt us on this case. Period,” he said in a separate interview with Sylvia. Despite the controversy, Gunna has firmly denied snitching on Young Thug or other co-defendants, emphasizing his intention not to be involved in the trial process.

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