Latto Partners With HALLS For Limited-Edition Pep Talks Cough Drops

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Hot on the heels of her latest hit single, “ISSA PARTY,” Latto announced a collaboration with HALLS. Released in a honey lemon flavor, the cough drops hit the virtual shelves of Amazon on Wednesday (Oct. 4).

“You know those days when you just need a breather or something to keep you going?” the musician said in an Instagram ad. “HALLS’ Pep Talks did that for me. I wrote pep talks inside of their wrappers to give you that energy to be the boss you are.”

In a press statement, Latto shared, “Working with HALLS has been an incredible experience. HALLS has always been my go-to when my throat is irritated, and the pep talks on the wrappers provide lighthearted emotional relief when I’m not feeling my best.”

She continued, “Fans are always on the lookout for what lyrics I’m working on and what’s coming next for me, which is why I can’t wait for people to check out my new lines on the limited-edition wrappers, and I hope they can help make someone’s day a little brighter.”

The company’s brand manager, Alex Derrig, added, “As someone who knows the importance of having reliable sore throat relief, and who offered a modern voice to the brand’s iconic pep talks, there was no better partner for this campaign than Latto.”

The partnership came on the heels of some fan-generated controversy surrounding her latest track, “ISSA PARTY.” The single featured an interpolation of Waka Flocka Flame’s 2010 banger “Grove St. Party.” On Twitter, some users encouraged the rapper to sue, but he quickly dismissed the idea.

“Flattery at [its] highest… Never understood, why rob these youngsters for showing us respect? Plus, [Latto] from Clayton County,” Waka said in a tweet last Saturday (Sept. 30).

Latto was also announced as one of the performers for “Amazon Music Live” earlier this week. She’s slated to take the stage later this month as a part of the series’ second season.

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