Latto – ISSA PARTY ft. BabyDrill

latto issa party

Today (Sept. 29), Latto released her new single and its accompanying video for “ISSA PARTY.”

In the track, she rapped, “B**ch, I’m red, not green, lil’ h**, stop playin’ with me. I hate borin’ b**ches; they be throwin’ off my energy. Stop callin’ me sis, lil’ h**, you know you ain’t no kin to me. I done dropped my nuts on all these b**ches, yeah, I’m Himothy, real s**t. B**ches love to hate, say it’s fake, but I’m real thick.”

Notably, the Atlanta native interpolates Waka Flocka Flame’s “Grove St. Party” in the chorus.

Featured on the second verse, BabyDrill also makes a nod to the 37-year-old rapper. He spat, “Glock bisexual, talkin’ crazy, quick to smack a b**ch. The industry scared of a n**ga, don’t know if I’m formin’ that party, we spinnin’ that b**ch. I feel like Waka Flocka ’cause I just got the flame in here.”

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