Latto – Another Nasty Song

Latto Another Nasty Song

Throughout her career, Latto has built herself something of a reputation for making salacious songs. Like many other female rap divas, she’s not afraid to let her confidence shine through as she talks her shit. Of course, this sort of attitude comes with its share of haters, but the 23-year-old isn’t letting them phase her.

On her aptly titled new single, “Another Nasty Song,” the “Sunshine” artist dishes about some of her bedroom preferences. “‘Cause this here another nasty song / He love it when I pull up wit’ no panties on,” she saucily teases on the chorus.

Other bold lyrics from the rising recording artist include “Gangster bitch, I make him wear my chain whilе he drillin’ / And me and my bitch might run a train on this n*gga.”

The sexy single comes following a massive leak that Latto’s unreleased music was a part of. Hundreds of tracks that she had locked and loaded in her arsenal were sadly shared with the world without her permission, though they’ve made their admiration of certain titles very clear.


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