Lakeyah – No Hesitation

lakeyah no hesitation

Lakeyah is continuing to build a name for herself in the competitive rap game. Especially, with all of the new femcees carving their respective niches, it is a cutthroat side of the industry. She definitely understands that maybe even more so than ever before. In a recent interview we conducted with the Wisconsin native, she revealed some knowledge dropped on her by arguably the most influential female rapper of all time.

Of course, we are referring to Nicki Minaj. One of the things that Lakeyah took away from that was to stay true to her own identity. “You really have to be an artist that people can really gravitate towards just for being you. And you don’t want to blow up for faking it for years. You want to feel like ‘Oh, people love me for me.'” She wraps things up, saying, “And I can go outside and I don’t have to put on a costume. So I feel like that’s something that I took away from our conversation, for sure.”

It is safe to say that Lakeyah has her own style. That being extremely cutthroat and confident. Her latest single, “No Hesitation,” proves that tenfold. You can check the explosive new track with the accompanying music video above.


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