Kodak Black – Killing The Rats

Kodak Black Killing The Rats
Killing The Rats

hasn’t been wasting any time since his release from prison earlier this year. After Trump commuted his sentence, the rapper quickly returned with Haitian Boy Jack before swiftly following it up with Happy Birthday Kodak. Another album is in the pipeline, which he teased with the release of Before The Album mixtape. Now, he’s back in action with his latest cut “Killing The Rats.” Dropping at the wee hours of Sunday morning, the rapper’s latest track is a return to form. “Smokin’ the roach and I’m killin’ the rats/ When I’m back in the ‘jets, I be flippin’ a pack,” he raps on the hook.

The latest release from arrives shortly after he issued a public statement to his fans addressing a slew of alarming tweets. The rapper also seemed to address his need to change his environment, which was recently reported as a request he made to the court to complete treatment. “I got a great support system & surrounded by love, somebody put a false rumor in my head that drove me to the edge that I can’t say but all in all I’m ok,” he wrote. “I’m really in need of a vacation but being on probation Keep me stuck in this unhealthy environment where my only choice is running around the hood thuggin’.”

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