Kodak Black Charged With Possession Of Oxycodone Instead Of Cocaine: “The Officer Was Lying”

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Kodak Black faces charges of possessing Oxycodone and tampering with evidence.

The latest development followed his initial December 2023 arrest in Plantation, Florida, where police found him asleep in his car. Authorities claimed to have found him with white powder in his mouth, which the artist denied. Contrary to the initial beliefs about him harboring cocaine, prosecutors confirmed the substance involved was Oxycodone.

Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s attorney, insisted the rapper had a legitimate prescription for the drug. Per Broward State Attorney’s Office spokesperson Paula McMahon, he plans to present evidence supporting his claim soon. “We will review any documentation the defense wants to send over,” she stated.

Cohen also spoke about the situation via Instagram. His post read, “As stated when this new case first was filed, this was not cocaine, and the officer was lying about his observations. We finally got the lab report… It’s Oxycodone that Kodak had a prescription for and not an illegal substance. Knowing that the officer substantially misrepresented his observations, the Broward State [Attorney’s] Office still filed the [charge].”

The statement continued, “[This is] unbelievable, and it will not be tolerated. This level of abuse of power by the arresting officer is disgusting. We will be seeking a new bond hearing and addressing these unethical practices by the police department.”

Kodak shared a similar sentiment during an Instagram Live last month. He explained, “Hell f**k no, bruh. Hell nah. And I ain’t finna say I’m against motherf**kers who do coke. Man, I ain’t on that s**t.”

The “No Flockin” rapper spent this past Christmas in federal custody at FDC Miami for allegedly violating probation. Subsequently, his lawyers asked for him to attend a 90-day rehab program in Arizona. However, Judge Jacqueline Becerra denied the request.

“If you’re buying drugs or using drugs, you’re a danger to the community,” she argued.

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