Kodak Black – Aug. 25th

Kodak Black Aug. 25th
Kodak Black Aug. 25th

Kodak Black’s music release schedule isn’t exactly the most conventional, and the Florida rapper is no stranger to dropping off singles in the middle of the week. Yesterday, Kodak came through to commemorate the occasion with “Aug. 25th,” granting a glimpse into his mental state the moment the song kicks off.

“Wash this perc down with this Ace Of Spades,” he mutters, preparing for a little bit of emotional catharsis. Speaking directly to the mother of his child, Kodak reflects on their relationship, offering his perspective on what sounds like a complicated dynamic. His emotional vulnerability is on full display as he paints pictures of regret and frustration. “I didn’t even get to rub your belly once,” he raps. “You kept the baby from me for the whole nine / sometimes I sit back and wonder if we gon’ beef forever.” Considering his parting words, it seems like this one is a two-way street.

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