Kizz Daniel Speaks on Rumours Of His Arrest In Ivory Coast

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The popular Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel recently addressed a debate on social media regarding a purported arrest that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) made of him in Ivory Coast.

He addressed the topic that was trending online in an open statement. Kizz Daniel explained his side of the incident, saying that CAF was communicating with him via an agent rather than personally.

His contract’s “no money, no performance” condition served as the central conflicting factor. Kizz Daniel stated he chose to take the chance, going to Abidjan with the guarantee of payment upon his arrival despite numerous requests and numerous justifications relating to bank transfer delays.

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Kizz Daniel allegedly made the decision to play at the event for free because he was resolute in his support of CAF. However, his three-minute performance period was short. Even worse, his squad suffered an awful assault backstage. It was at this point that he decided to depart.

Kizz Daniel made it clear that “I am not arrested by CAF or detained in any way,” which is important. His status was clarified by this remark, which successfully refuted suspicions of his detention.

Kizz Daniel also made an amazing news about his upcoming performance in London on November 13 at the Ovo Arena in Wembley.

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