Kizz Daniel Narrates Past bullying And His Drive For Perfection

Kizz Daniel Maverick Official Album

Singing sensation Kizz Daniel recently revealed that he doesn’t sleep at night.

The ‘Twe Twe’ singer made this known while responding to a fan who asked how he sleeps at night.

He said,

“I don’t sleep at night. I sleep during the day.”

The singer left London after performing at Davido’s Invasion concert, which was held last weekend. He’s scheduled to return to London for his own show on May 6.

In 2023, the singer opened up on being a victim of bullying as a young child because of his weight and the many ways it affected him.

He said he lost all forms of social skills seeing he struggled hard to communicate and socialize with people after he eventually trimmed down.

He admitted to losing his social skills and found it difficult to socialize or communicate with people even after losing his weight. He also said to manage his social anxieties, he occasionally drank alcohol.

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