Kizz Daniel Clears The Air On Rumoured Arrest In Ivory Coast

Kizz Daniel

Nigerian music sensation Kizz Daniel recently took to social media to clear the air about a controversy surrounding his alleged arrest in Ivory Coast by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

In a candid statement, he addressed the situation that had the internet buzzing. Kizz Daniel shared his side of the story, revealing that CAF was not dealing with him directly but rather through an agent.

The heart of the matter revolved around a clause in his contract, “no money, no performance.” Despite multiple appeals and countless excuses related to bank transfer delays, Kizz Daniel said he decided to take the risk, flying to Abidjan with the promise of payment upon his arrival. Regrettably, not only had the promised payment failed to materialize, but the full amount remained outstanding.

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Resolute in his support for CAF, Kizz Daniel supposedly decided to perform at the event without prior payment. However, his performance slot lasted just three minutes. To make matters worse, backstage, his team faced an unfortunate assault. At this point, he made the decision to leave.

Importantly, Kizz Daniel emphasised, “I am not arrested by CAF or detained whatsoever.” This statement effectively debunked the rumours of his arrest, clarifying his situation.

Kizz Daniel also had an exciting announcement: his upcoming show in London at the Ovo Arena, Wembley, on November 13, 2023.

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