Kid Cudi Says Lupe Fiasco Is “Beefing With Himself” In Since-Deleted Tweet

Kid Cudi , Lupe Fiasco

Friday (Jan. 19) afternoon, Kid Cudi tweeted and deleted a response to Lupe Fiasco following derogatory tweets against the Ohio crooner.

Cudi’s latest post on Twitter says, “Hey brother, please refrain from callin’ me out my name. I come with love. Here’s the DM I sent; you can’t receive messages. [I] just noticed. I have no reason to cap. Now, if you want to keep the same negative energy, we can’t speak. I have no room in my life for that. I’m trying to move past this. I’m going to talk to you tomorrow with Ibn.”

The initial beef started during his promotional interview, where Cudi told a throwback story about the “Kick, Push” emcee visiting the BAPE store he worked at before becoming famous.

Cudi said, “I was in the back, and they were like, ‘Yo, Lupe’s here.’ I was like, ‘Oh, s**t.’ Stayed down the stairs, waited until he left. They were like, ‘What you down here for?’ I explained it to my dude the same way I explained it to you. I was like, ‘Yo, bro, if I get famous one day, I don’t ever want this n**ga saying like, ‘He sold me clothes. You, my son.””

After Fiasco caught wind of the interview, he immediately posted, “Kid Cudi is a b**ch. And continues to be a b**ch. Ain’t nobody finna bring up he used to work at the BAPE store to diss his b**ch a** for having a regular job before he was a famous b**ch with a cool job.”

Shortly after, he explained how he felt like the artist switched up on him publicly, although he was personally there for him during his low moments. Lupe did not enjoy Cudi undermining the “$500 unique verse” campaign he provided for fans. At the time, the “Day ‘N’ Night” artist made it clear that he would never do something of the sort to his supporters.

After attempting to take the high road and offer an apology, Cudi had seemingly lost patience with his former musical peer. In a since-deleted tweet, Cudi stated, “Lupe love me, y’all, don’t get it twisted. He is beefing with himself at this point. Holding that much hate in your heart for someone forever holds you back in life.”

The two Kanye West-stamped recording artists have been beefing for years. There is no telling if this is the time they will be able to squash the seemingly petty disagreement.

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