Khaid Offers To Give 2Million And All Royalties Of New Single To Mohbad’s Son


In the world of music, artists often find unique and touching ways to pay tribute to their loved ones and friends. Recently, Nigerian rapper Khaid has left fans and the entire music community in awe with his heartfelt gesture towards his late friend Mohbad and his own newborn son, Liam.

Khaid, a rising star in the Nigerian rap scene, has not only proven his talent through his music but also shown the depth of his character with this incredible act of generosity. He recently announced that he would be giving a substantial gift of 2 million naira to the son of his late friend, Mohbad.

Mohbad, a fellow artist and close friend of Khaid, tragically passed away, leaving his loved ones in grief.

Khaid’s decision to offer financial support to Mohbad’s son demonstrates the strength of their friendship and the bond they shared in life.

But Khaid’s tribute doesn’t stop there. In an even more heartwarming gesture, he has dedicated all royalties from his newly released music to his own newborn son, Liam.

This act of love and dedication speaks volumes about Khaid’s commitment to his family and his desire to leave a lasting legacy for his son.

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