Key Glock – No Hook 2

key glock no hook 2

Ruthless Memphis MC Key Glock is having a great year so far. We say that because it seems that another project is on the horizon. In fact, it may come right around Halloween. Hopefully, it does because it will be the perfect music to bump while stealing everyone’s Halloween candy (do not do that). But, in all seriousness, that is how Key’s music makes you feel. He gives listeners tons of confidence to do whatever (but be smart and make the right decisions). His in-your-face and violent bars make him extremely entertaining.

That is why his last album, Glockoma 2, has been a joy for fans of his. While he might not be the most versatile rapper, he does his style very well. Of course, this follows up on his 2018 tape, Glockoma. One of the songs on the deluxe, “No Hook” was a solid add-on to the tracklist. Now, it gets a sequel.

In addition, it is also the lead single to his upcoming album, Glocktober. Glock has not officially given a release date yet. But, with the title and the color of the cover being orange, it is safe to say sometime right before Halloween it will be out. It is the same cover as Glockoma 2 and fans under his Instagram post for it are hilarious. While they are amped for new music, they cannot help but make witty jokes. One says, “This finna be bro album cover from now on with a different color 😂😂🔥🔥” Another adds, “Next one gonna be a green one that say the Glock that stole Christmas.” If we are already on this trend, we say Key follows up on this.


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