Kent Jones – Bout It ft. Rick Ross

Kent Jones Bout It ft. Rick Ross
Bout It ft.

With their new single “Bout That”, and bask in their bossed-up lifestyles as Jones reflects on his journey from rags to riches. The song was released on all streaming platforms just a few days ago and was produced by Jones himself. On the track, Jones and Rozay detail what it was like to start from the bottom, opening with an interpolation of lyrics from Charlie Boy’s “I Look Good”.

“On my momma, on my hood/I get high, I look good,” Jones says. “Throw your bag and I keep that b*tch full/All about mine and I got it out the mud/’Cause I’m bout that.”

Following Rozay’s prideful ode to his life of luxury, Jones salutes the time it took to get there, underscoring exactly how far he’s come since he first started out. “I remember all them days we couldn’t eat proper,” Jones says. “Ramen noodles on the stove, now we eatin’ pasta/Never hate on nobody, but don’t wait on nobody/Firecrackers, I don’t give a f*ck, we in the streets poppin’.”

“Bout That” is a catchy track with bounce to it, laced with equal-parts pride and gratitude. The single is an upbeat addition to the two artists’ respective collections of singles and collaborations released just this year, and will likely garner traction in similar fashion.


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