Kash Doll – Like A Pro ft. Juicy J

Kash Doll Like A Pro ft. Juicy J
Kash Doll Like A Pro ft. Juicy J

If Kash Doll’s consistency and versatility throughout 2021 hasn’t impressed you yet, perhaps you’re not actually paying attention. In everything from her role in 50 Cent’s new STARZ show Black Mafia Family, her TikTok viral single “Thumbin’,” and a string of high-profile collaborations, Kash Doll’s success in 2021 has been monumental for her career. “Like A Pro” featuring Juicy J, her newest single, proves she has much more to come.

The production on “Like A Pro” sees Kash Doll stepping away from her usually simple trap beats and spitting over a beat more accustomed to Juicy J’s discography. With dramatic thorns, the instrumental seems fresh out of the late 2000’s bling era.

Still, Kash Doll and Juicy J have no problem spitting catchy flows and throwing out memorable bars on the track. Juicy J takes over the hook with an infectious repetition of “back it up,” while Kash Doll uses her verses to brag about her success and shush the haters.

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