Kanye West Sued for $7 Million By Production Company

Kanye West Vf

is being sued by a production company for over $7 million in unpaid bills.

In a newly-filed suit, Phantom Labs says it was hired to work on several big projects with between June 2021 to March 2022. The events included four weeks of Sunday Service, his “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert with Drake, DONDA 2 Experience in Miami, and his ill-fated Coachella performance.

Phantom’s lawyer tells TMZ that and his team were good about making payments at first, but the checks eventually stopped. By February 2022, they say they were owed over $6 million.

According to legal documents, had allegedly promised to settle his debt with the reported $9 million he was supposed to make as a Coachella headliner. After he dropped out of the festival at the last minute, Phantom says it became clear that he wasn’t going to pay.

In addition to the $6 million debt, Phantom is seeking another $1.1 million in Coachella-related cancelation fees that they incurred.

Phantom is suing for breach of contract and wants to pay the $7.1 million they claim they’re owed.

This is the latest legal drama for the billionaire Yeezy mogul. Earlier this month, he was sued by a fashion rental service for over $400,000 in unpaid fees on designer items that he allegedly never returned.

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