Justin Timberlake – Selfish

justin timberlake selfish

Justin Timberlake is a pop icon who has released some classic albums and massive songs. Although he started off in a boy band, he eventually transitioned to being a solo artist. From his work with Timbaland to his transition to folk-pop, Timberlake has gone through a ton of unique transitions in his career. However, it has been quite a while since we have gotten new music from him. Well, it appears as though he is going to be changing that. On March 15th, he will be dropping a new album called Everything I Thought It Was.

Before that, fans can expect at least a couple of singles. After all, he is a pop star who doesn’t just drop without giving fans a taste of what is to come. On Thursday, he came through with a new track simply titled “Selfish.” The track also comes complete with a music video, which is exactly what you would expect from a star of JT’s magnitude. Either way, the song is buttery smooth, and contains a nice mix of pop and r&b stylings.

Throughout the track, Justin Timberlake seems about a woman who is head over heels for. He knows she looks good, and he wants her all to himself. This is where the whole selfish theme comes into play. Sure, it is not a new concept, but his voice still sounds good, and the production complements this all nicely.


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