Joyner Lucas -Seventeen

joyner lucas seventeen

Joyner Lucas’ long string of singles continues with another release on September 8. The Worcester Massachusetts rapper recently put out “Seventeen” ahead of his next full-length project, Not Now, I’m Busy. Lucas attempted this same formula for his first album back in 2020, ADHD. For the rollout of that LP, he went on to drop nine singles starting in October 2018. ADHD did not hit streaming until March of 2020. Will he give the same type of treatment for Not Now, I’m Busy? We will have to wait and see because according to HipHopNMore there is no timetable for when we will receive his fifth project.

In the meantime, Joyner is back with his sixth lead single, “Seventeen.” On this cut, he is spitting about his come-up from his rough upbringing. On the first verse, he talks about manifesting his dreams from when he was a kid. He raps, “They never knew that one day all this s*** I be dreamin’ about, I’d be livin’ it (Ayy) / Jump out the window and took the advantage, I know my potential is limitless (Joyner).”

The real selling point of this song is the sample. When the instrumental begins the high-pitched kid vocals might ring a bell to you. They are familiar because they are the ones in Mac Miller’s smash hit “Donald Trump.” Miller passed away five years ago on September 7 and it is fitting that “Seventeen was released just one day after the anniversary of his passing. Lucas shouts out Mac at the beginning saying, “Rest in peace Mac Miller,” while he recreates an opening shot from the “Donald Trump” music video. All in all, it is a solid track that pays its respects to one of the truly special talents in hip-hop history.


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