Johnny Drille Pays Surprise Visit To His Parents And Their Reaction Was Priceless

Johnny Drill And Dad

Singer Johnny Drille paid a surprise visit to his parents for the first time this year and they were totally happy and excited to see him.

The dad almost reacted like a child seeing his sussessful celebrity son after such a long time.

First time seeing my parents this year. Crazy how I used to see them everyday and now I literally look for any available time to travel to see them. It makes me feel bad that as I am busy living out my life, I am missing out on theirs… every time I see them, I can see that they’ve gotten a little older

I guess life is about balance and this is a gentle reminder to make time for the people you love.

P.S. They didn’t know I was coming, did a show in Asaba and decided to take the chance to go home to see them

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