John Legend – Rounds ft. Rick Ross

John Legend Rounds ft. Rick Ross

At he prepares for his performance at the Emmy Awards ceremony on September 12, John Legend is also celebrating the release of his eighth studio album, LEGEND. The R&B crooner has shared singles like “Dope” with Dreamville’s J.I.D and “All She Wanna Do” featuring Saweetie, and on Friday (September 9), the album arrived in all of its glory.

Legend takes care to sonically balance an old school feel with a new school take, and in a press release, he expressed how his ancestral story was instrumental in the crafting of his record.

“I never feel divorced from my ancestors,” said Legend. “I have such reverence for my musical heritage, that I don’t feel like I need to leave it behind to be adventurous, or creative, or to try something new. When I’m creating something new, I’m still hearing the voices and influences of Stevie, Marvin, Curtis, Aretha, Nina, Donny and Prince. Black musicians have always been at the forefront of innovation in music. But where I think Hip Hop is always about what’s new, with Soul music, we are a bit more nostalgic … and hopefully what we’ve been able to do with LEGEND is that synthesis of looking forward, but also connecting with where we come from.”

On LEGEND, the singer partnered with Rick Ross on the introductory track “Rounds,” and it’s a production that you may not expect to hear these two collide on. It’s one of several standouts for the Chicago icon, so stream “Rounds” and make sure to check out LEGEND, as well.

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