John Legend & Nas – Tomorrow

John Legend Nas Tomorrow
John Legend Tomorrow

and are daydreaming about “Tomorrow.” On Friday, February 4th, the duo dropped off their latest collaboration, which was produced by the great-grandson of Pablo Picasso, Florian Picasso.

“You’re the new wave forming / You’re the new day, darling / Ask you what is your name, what do they call you? / You said they call me tomorrow,” the father of two’s sultry voice sings as the three-minute and 23-second tune begins,

On his first verse, spits, “If you’re happy, homie, then prove me, take it to a new crib / Pack your things and move in, tie up all the loose ends / Stop whatever’s not progressive, learned a lot of lessons / People ain’t know they was teachin’, but they still were / I don’t let no one deceive me on my real worth.”

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