Jim Jones, Dyce Payso & Keen Streetz – SHAQ & KOBE

Jim Jones, Dyce Payso & Keen Streetz SHAQ & KOBE

New York MC and label head of B.G. Touring, Inc & Entertainment, Jim Jones is on a little run right now. Just last weekend, the veteran put out his second album of the year with Jim Jones Presents Byrdgang 2.0. What was interesting about this release was that it was another collaborative record of sorts. While his previous effort Back In My Prime was like that too, his latest one puts on tons of underground talent. Some of the most frequent names included Dyce Payso and Keen Streetz. Those two lyricists join Jones once again with a new freestyle.

Currently, it is only available on YouTube. The title of the song may sound familiar to you and you would be right in that assumption. That is because this is a remix of sorts of Meek Mill’s and Rick Ross’ recent collaborative track. Unlike the two MMG artists, this version of “SHAQ & KOBE” does not seem like it will appear on any upcoming record.

Fans in the comments section under the accompanying music video are seeming to enjoy it. One goes, “Jimmy Strangled The Beat, Placed It In A Choke Hold And Body Slammed The Beat…Effortlessly…Byrd GANG.” Another says, “Jim cadence is so lit. Idc what cha’ll say. Pusha not winning this battle against Jimmy. I always beena fan of Push, but Jim has truly grown as a lit artist. Dyce rode dat beat like a horse, (pause), and Keen got super busy. Sheesh.” Be sure to give it a try up above.


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