Jess Hilarious Responds To Trick Daddy’s “Ugly” Baby Comments: “It’s Not Yours, So I Think We’re Good”

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On Tuesday (Feb. 13), Jess Hilarious revealed that she was pregnant with her second child. During a special segment for her 32nd birthday, the comedian’s boyfriend called into “The Breakfast Club” to announce that they were expecting “a bundle of joy.”

While the responses to Jess expecting a baby were overwhelmingly positive, Trick Daddy shared a video on Instagram that rubbed her the wrong way. “Happy Birthday to Jess Hilarious. Yeah, you let a n**ga shoot the club. You get pregnant from a n**ga, and I’m gonna f**k that n**ga up. I’ma f**k that n**ga up. N**ga, you done f**ked up,” he said in a clip.

“I’m on my hater s**t today. I’ma f**k you up. You done got my girl pregnant. You better get her something real nice for her birthday, f**k wrong with you? N**ga done got Jess Hilarious pregnant,” he continued. “You don’t even know that n**ga, Jess. That baby better come out looking like [her] and nothing like you. It better come out like you and nothing like his a**.”

Today (Feb. 16), Jess responded to the “Paradise” rapper. She said that although he may not have meant harm, the comments were insensitive. “Trick Daddy had hit my phone yesterday and was like, ‘You better hope that baby ain’t ugly when it come out.’ Like, excuse me? So, I said, ‘Well, it’s not yours, so I think we’re good over here.’ Don’t ever play with me,” the co-host said.

She added, “Don’t ever play with me like that. I know that he love me and got all the respect in the world [for me], but that’s my child. I don’t care where you [are] from. I’m from Baltimore.”

Jess joined “The Breakfast Club” as a permanent co-anchor in late January. Her arrival came after Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy’s year-long search for someone to fill Angela Yee’s spot.

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