Jeremih – Changes (Sped Up)

Jeremih Changes Sped Up

While sites like TikTok popularized speeding up or slowing down audio, the music industry made it official by taking advantage of the demand. Jeremih is the latest artist to do so, as he dropped “Changes (Sped Up).” Moreover, the original track was a smooth, slow, and sultry R&B cut with vivid instrumentation. While the song’s original drama isn’t downplayed in the sped up version, the emotion comes across as slightly more nostalgic.

Furthermore, it’s funny that something so taken for granted as tempo and pitch can drastically change a song’s vibe. Even if the lyrics are still the same, the high pitch in the piano keys make the song sound like a dream. Also, the fact that the track’s sound still fits the lyrical content speaks to the song’s dynamism. The first track came across as lustful, but the production on the sped up version reins that back a little.

Meanwhile, it’s replaced by what sounds like a West Coast type beat that could still have Lil Baby rapping over it like it’s nothing. As the R&B singer croons about a struggling relationship and being left in the dust, the verses and choruses swell in and out with warm horns and live percussion. Still, if you don’t like the sped up version, maybe the upcoming slowed down one will be more up your alley.


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