jeleel gfu

If you have been paying attention to the underground landscape, then you have probably heard of JELEEL! Moreover, if you are someone who spends a lot of time on TikTok, then you have probably heard of him too. Overall, he is an artist who was able to smash the algorithm and get himself seen. With his large physique and voice that hardly matched his look, the man became an instant head-turner. Additionally, his performances at Rolling Loud have absolutely wowed people thanks to all of the backflips he does.

He recently came out with an album, and fans were impressed with the range of sounds he delivered. Now, JELEEL! is looking to keep his momentum going. In order to build his fanbase, he needs to keep pushing, and he understands that very well. Well, today, the artist came through and dropped yet another energetic banger. “GFU!” is an anthemic track that simply stands for “Get F*cked Up!” Based on the song itself, you will definitely want to do that.

As you can see from the music video above, the song is very short and sweet. At just one minute and 22 seconds, JELEEL! looks to pack a punch. He clocks in and he clocks out quickly, but he is extremely productive in the amount of time he gives himself. From the production to his vocal runs, he continues to be a leader in the rage music world.


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