Jacquees – Bed Friend ft. Queen Naija

Jacquees Queen Naija Bed Friend
Jacquees Queen Naija Bed Friend

Best friends become lovers in this smooth R&B offering from Jacquees. The self-professed “King of R&B” was recently embroiled in a scandal after a video circulated showing that the singer and his rapper girlfriend Dreezy were involved in a physical altercation with a man while on vacation. After the man tossed around accusations about the couple, both Jacquees and Dreezy returned to social media to set the record straight.

With that latest controversy behind him, Jacquees tapped Queen Naija to complete “Bed Friend,” and track that spins a tale about two people who are walking the fine line of being homie-lover-friends. The pair of celebrated singers croon through their sides of the story on the silky single about two people that “started out as best friends” but now, can’t get enough of one another.


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