IDK & Young Thug – PradadaBang

IDK Young Thug PradadaBang
IDK Young Thug PradadaBang

We’re receiving more music from IDK now that he’s in full album mode as the release of USEE4YOURSELF looms, and for his latest single, he teamed up with Young Thug. IDK has been making major moves behind the scenes with new partnerships with both Nike and Harvard. The famed Ivy League university has linked with IDK for a new business school program that reportedly caters to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

IDK and Blue Rondo are responsible for production on “PradadaBang” with Young Thug, and it’s a track that targets women who are in it for the cash, more than love. The two ping pong back and forth throughout as the track paves the way for USEE4YOURSELF’s arrival next week

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