Ice Spice – Gangsta Boo ft. Lil Tjay

Ice Spice Gangsta Boo ft. Lil Tjay

Since she exploded onto the scene last summer, Ice Spice has delivered plenty of hit singles. “Munch (Feelin’ U)” initially got her on the world’s radar. That song was quickly followed by tracks like “Bikini Bottom” and “In Ha Mood.”

Now that the 23-year-old is well-established within the rap game, it was about time for her debut EP to arrive. On Friday (January 20), the New Yorker shared her Like..? project, complete with three previously released titles as well as three brand new ones.

The sole feature on the short but sweet effort comes from Lil Tjay on “Gangsta Boo,” which surfaced online earlier this month. Initially, Spice and her collaborator were due to film their accompanying music video ahead of the song’s arrival.

However, the “Calling My Phone” hitmaker ran into police at a traffic stop before making it to set. Upon searching the vehicle, authorities found several firearms inside, leading the young lyricist to be taken into custody.

Rather than waste the day, Spice turned the shooting day into one for her “In Ha Mood” single. Video footage captured a few days ago shows that the redhead’s hometown was going hard for her in front of the cameras as she rapped along.

It remains unclear when we’ll receive the official music video for “Gangsta Boo,” but Ice spoke with Ebro Darden to explain her link-up with Lil Tjay.

“I made the song, and then I was just thinking who I would hear on it really. But I wanted it to be a real genuine collab,” she recalled. “We’ve been friends since last year, so I was just like, ‘Yeah, who better than him?’”


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