Ice Spice Announces Partnership With Dunkin’ Donuts For MUNCHKINS-Themed Collaboration

ice spice

Ice Spice and American food giant Dunkin’ Donuts are brewing up a treat for fans this fall with the release of a new, sweet concoction aptly named after the former’s breakout single “Munch.”

The rapper took to social media to announce the collaboration by sharing an image of a Dunkin’ donut hole adorned with her iconic diamond “Princess” necklace. The visual treat came with the reveal of the product’s launch date, which is slated for Sept. 13.

According to Uproxx, the pair will roll out a layered latte coined the “Ice Spice Munchkins.” The beverage is set to take a spot on Dunkin’’s seasonal menu. It will reportedly bring together the food chain’s famed frozen coffee and Pumpkin Munchkins Donut Hole Treats, enriched with generous servings of caramel drizzle and crowned with a dollop of whipped cream.

This joint venture will add to Spice’s burgeoning list of accolades in a year that has been nothing short of phenomenal for her. The artist accepted Billboard’s 2023 Rookie of the Year award on Aug 8.

In an emotional reflection on her journey, Spice shared with the publication, “I have put in so much hard work, and it means a lot to be recognized for it and have more than just plaques to show for it. I hope to push the genre forward in whatever ways I can, but I know I’ll have a huge impact on the youngins coming up now.”

The “Princess Diana” hitmaker has also garnered praise for her collaborations with industry giants, including Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. The Bronx native collaborated with the latter on two separate occasions, both of which racked up millions of streams.

“When [Nicki] hugged me, I started crying… I cried, but I walked away. Like, I didn’t say anything to her. I just feel like, ‘Bro, like just the journey.’ You know, I love Nicki, and meeting her was great and everything, but for me, it also just mostly felt like, ‘This is a full circle moment,’” Spice told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe earlier this year.

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